1. Uncle Bones

From the recording Uncle Bones

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Way back in Hoot Owl Holler, young Dicey Harper
Died of a snakebite on her wedding day
Her truelove Orphie Coulter jumped down in the gravehole
"I'm bringing her back by God" was all that he would say
It broke every heart every night when he'd start
He'd lift his fiddle off its nail and make that horsehair wail

Chorus:  Uncle Bones, just once have mercy
Your love is cold and she's so young
Just let her go and I'll be your fiddler 
I'll play for darkness from now on

Bones told Coulter, you can go fetch your woman
She's in my cave on the Coaltown track
She'll be right there behind you if you just keep on going
But she'll be mine to hold if you look back--
A glimpse of golden hair that vanished in the air
Out on the borderline he cast a look behind

Chorus:  Uncle Bones, damn your mercy
Your love is cold and now she's gone
She's yours to hold and I'm your fiddler 
I play for darkness from now on

The trees in Hoot Owl Holler make a sound like someone's shivers
And the sawgrass in October's like a glimpse of golden hair
Coulter's dead and gone now, his cabin's just a chimney
But sometimes when the wind's up you'd swear that he's still there