From the recording DUST

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Mama said Daddy was a deadbeat drunk then she pulled up the cover and she died / 
Daddy took a drink and then he wiped his jaw, said, Son, that's a lie and here’s why: / 
I can beat the bottle anytime I want, 
once I’ve made my mind, it’s set / 
Where’s it writ that I can’t quit, 
I just ain’t wanted to yet / 

Whiskey railroad—just one more ride then you’ll get off / 
Whiskey railroad--when you jump the tracks, that’s your stop / 

Daddy spent his draw on raw white mule then he beat us with the back of a spade / 
But he corked the jug and he kicked that corn 
the day we laid him in the grave / 
Sister might’ve fallen down weeping in fits 
and Brother’s eyes might’ve been wet / 
And I might mourn like a true firstborn, we just ain’t wanted to yet / 

Chorus / 

Preacherman says, It’s dust to dust, let us not forget / 
This soul has flown to the judgment throne, it just didn’t want to yet / 

Chorus / Daddy said, I can beat the bottle anytime I want 
I just ain’t wanted to yet