From the recording Uncle Bones



She never did tell where she came from
And now no-one  knew where she went
The miller just shivered and stared at the river
And wept on his knees for his sins
Rocks sewn in the pockets of her coat
She walked down to the river, got in a boat
A hunter's moon shone, the oars creaked and moaned
And a song echoed out through the cove

Chorus: Take me back, water, take me back home
Wash off this flesh and bleach out the bones
Hold me down like a stone
Take me back, take me home

Silken hair as sleek as an otter
Lay black down her back clear down to the water
Just ripples and wind in Cherokee Bend
The day he first lay down beside her
There was mystery in the strange river girl
One day she cried and the tear was a pearl
The jewel on her cheek left a milky white streak
And fell where the spillwater swirled


Temptation got under his skin
Till he made her shed tears again and again
But the miller had sorrow for all his tomorrows
When a boat full of pearls drifted in

Hold me down like a stone
Take me back, take me home