From the recording DUST

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We stirred the mash, we stoked the still~Cut loose on the keelboat, goodbye Louisville~Ran that whiskey down the river, boys, and now we just got paid~So get behind me, Satan, you’re standing in my way~New Orleans women gonna say, Voulez vous?~We’ll tell ‘em, Ooh-la-la, merci beaucoup~
Fan-dance girls and can-can kickers saying, Come on in, boys, we won’t bite~Watch your back those honeydrippers will carve you with a Bowie knife~Down in the Swamp of the Vieux Carrée~
It’s gouge and stomp, guns and blades~Anything you want all night and day~Down in the Swamp of the Vieux Carrée~Chuck-a-luck, brag, and bluff, faro, craps, and stud~A bar monkey and a burly-Q stage, cage-fights in the mud~Spanish fly and that old Green Faery, panther piss and pigsweat ale~Voodoo rum with a finger of laudanum to wash down that gator tail~
Smoke cigars, cut the cards, get a shave and shear~Roll on red-light velvet, shoot the chandelier~Then pole that boat back up the river, boys, and if we don’t get robbed~Any money left we shall deliver to good old, sweet old, dear old Ma~ Chorus~Big Bill woke up married across the river in Algiers~The hotel asked, Do you want the bridal? He said, I’ll just hold her ears~Mambo juice from an old gourd dipper, Rue Dauphine’s the mouth of hell~Brother got sick and I got sicker but we’ll go back when we get well~Chorus