1. The Sideshow

From the recording DUST

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Wolf Boy, Tom Thumb, Missing Link / 
Sad-Eyed Serpentina and Armless Girl Marie / 
We’ve been right here, your oldest dream / 
Strange and wondrous cousins that wait behind the screen / 
Step right up, look and see, five hundred dollars guaranteed / 
All true, this way from birth / 
We’re the sideshow of the greatest show on earth / 

Two rows, ten tents, make your choice / 
The tank of Feejee Mermaid, the cage of Monkey Boy / 
Half-price, six cents, children under twelve, / 
Watch Two-Headed Girl sing with herself / 
Step right up, can this be true, temples of the Holy Ghost just like you / 
Laughter without mirth at the sideshow of the greatest show on earth / 

We’ve been kicking sawdust since the Flood / 
Nothing slows us down but jump-day mud / 
We don’t complain, can’t be what we’re not / 
Doing the best we can with what we got / 

KooKoo, Bird Girl, sold by her ma / 
Said sometimes the way they look at me makes my feathers crawl/ 
No dodge, no trick, no pigeon up the sleeve / 
This is what we are, nothing changes when you leave / 
So step right up, gape and stare, bust a gut, we don’t care / 
Just drop two bits for our day’s work / 
For the sideshow of the greatest show on earth